I didn’t get punished on Tuesday night. By the time Mrs. Lion was ready, it was late, and I asked her to postpone it. She agreed to put it off until Wednesday evening. She kindly agreed. It’s my first punishment spanking in three months. I’m not happy about it at all. That’s not entirely true. I’m glad that Mrs. Lion is holding me accountable for interrupting her. I think that’s good progress.

Have you noticed that almost all discussion of domestic discipline is from the person on the bottom? Mrs. Lion is a rare exception. Her insights into how the disciplining partner relates to dd and male chastity offer a very helpful glimpse into her world. One observation she’s frequently provided is that, from her perspective, there is nothing sexual about our power exchanges. I imagine that very few women get turned on by spanking their husbands.

This point can be very significant. Sexual arousal is a major force under male domestic discipline. I’m not saying that I get turned on when Mrs. Lion spanks me. I don’t! However, I’m turned on by the idea of being spanked. This sexual undercurrent is everywhere when adult spanking is discussed. The Disciplinary Wives Club, a defunct website that is often cited as the be-all-end-all of male domestic discipline, is loaded with very sexual material. It’s everywhere.

This isn’t a bad thing. Our wives know it. This underlying arousal is partly responsible for our meekly baring our bottoms for our wives’ painful attention. They have to depend on our willingness to accept punishment. Aside from the fact that this is fully consensual, we are generally bigger and stronger than our wives. Control is sexual and psychological.

That’s one very important reason why our women would benefit from honest communication between them. Mrs. Lion may get helpful information from me, but she would probably profit more if she could hear from other disciplinary wives. I suspect that my life would be a little harder if she did. Mrs. Lion’s posts almost never discuss how she feels or what she’s learned about being a disciplinary wife. She restricts herself to reporting what we do. It’s too bad.

Over the years, she’s learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work. She developed strong spanking skills. She knows what works for her. Sadly, she doesn’t write about this. Even if she began discussing what she learned, chances aren’t good that many other disciplinary wives would read what she wrote. I guess it’s the state of the Internet at this point in time. Or, maybe it’s really a lack of interest in getting disciplinary education. Maybe our women need to discover their own paths through domestic discipline individually.

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  1. I read, and get influenced by, way too much on the internet. My interests get fueled by that expanded knowledge and I want to do the things I read about. My wife does not want to know what other people are doing and does not want to feel any pressure to follow their lead. Frustrating as all get out to me! I have been trying for 8 years to get her to spank me on a regular basis. I bought a herd of chastity devices in hopes that she would lock me up and control my sex.
    She is much more interested in watching how-to youtube videos. Maybe if I could find some youtube videos on dominating your husband she would be interested!
    Once again, I completely agree with your point of view here.

    1. Author

      You can give your wife a paddle, but you can’t make her spank. 🙂

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