Sneaky Orgasm

I strapped Lion down for his punishment day spanking. I also used a wooden paddle. His buns were sore in no time. He mentioned that I seemed to be taking it easy on him lately, and he speculated that may be because I’ve been using leather paddles. Well, yeah. Leather doesn’t hurt as much. But if he wants to feel it more, I have no problem using wood.

Speaking of wood, I gave his wood some oral sex. When he was in position, I tested out the new silicone handcuffs. They stretch to accommodate his hands and then hold fairly loosely. They seem pretty comfortable once you get past the whole squish-your-hands-to-get-into-them part. He held his arms over his head. I assume that was to mimic being secured to the bed.

It took a little while to get him really hard. Sometimes it happens. He very quietly got near the edge. He usually makes more noise. The only indication I had was his thighs tightening. I stopped when he was very, very close. When I started again, I was only going to edge him. However, he snuck up on me and had an orgasm. By the time I realized it, it was too late to stop. We both hate ruined orgasms.

In the past, he’s told me I should punish him for having an orgasm when he’s not supposed to. I always thought that was strange. First of all, he wouldn’t know if he was supposed to have one. Sometimes I don’t even know if I’ll give him one until the last minute. If I tell him I’m just edging him, I think it takes away the surprise. He wouldn’t have a “this is it” moment, thinking he was going to go right over the top. He’d know he wasn’t going anywhere. Would you watch a sporting event when it had already been decided that Team B was going to lose? Maybe if you bet on Team A. Nah. I like keeping him in the dark. I think it’s more fun for both of us.