Saturday Morning Status Report

On Thursday night (Punishment Day), Mrs. Lion got out the massage table and put clothespins on my balls while sucking and masturbating me. It was fun. Then she bent me over the edge of the massage table and spanked me. After all, it was punishment day. Friday, I had a doctor’s appointment, which took up the afternoon. After we got back, Mrs. Lion was tired. We had KFC for dinner and watched TV. We snuggled with a little touching. I’m writing this post on Saturday before noon. I expect I’ll get my punishment day swats, but not sure about anything else.

One of the problems with writing frequent posts is the lack of real news. I’m wondering if it’s time to reduce that frequency. On one hand, some of our readers like the consistency of daily updates. From what I’ve learned, almost none read every post. Mrs. Lion and I have been together for twenty years. Our relationship is very stable. We do go in and out of BDSM activities, but not on a daily basis. I am supposed to be spanked if I break a rule and on the three punishment days a week. That’s tracked on the right side of our web page. Orgasms are much less frequent. Despite posts to the contrary, I usually have to wait about ten days between them. I’m not wearing a chastity device, but I’m under strict orgasm control.

We are about thirty posts away from our 6,000th. I think that puts us at the top of the sex blogger volume roster. All of our posts are available as podcasts on every major podcast provider. We are also reposted on Tumblr and Twitter. In other words, we are everywhere. That makes me think that we might want to slow down a bit. I’ve decided to skip days when I have nothing useful to say.