Well, Saturday didn’t go quite as planned. I spanked Lion, but then we watched TV and finally a movie. By that time, it was a little after 6 and we needed to figure out dinner. When dinner was over, and Lion had snoozed a bit, I told him we missed out on the massage table, but he’d still get oral sex. He wondered why we weren’t doing the massage table. I know he’d been snoozing, but it was still a little late for it. I was going by his assertion that we play earlier. Since we’d missed that window, I figured it was too late to play. However, I can be very persuasive with my mouth, so oral sex should still be viable. And even if it wasn’t, I could get him excited.

It took a little work, but I got him hard. In the work-smarter-not-harder mentality, I’ve been trying to get him as interested as possible before I start going for it. I can’t tell you how long it took me to figure out that my neck will wear out long before he’s ready to burst. Now I use my tongue more to get things rolling. For some reason, at least from my perspective, our angles have changed. It feels like Lion tilts his pelvis as he gets excited. Sneaky me, I’ve found that if I have his balls tied or at least encircled with my fingers, I can keep him from pulling up. Again, this is just from my perspective. He may not actually be moving much. All I have to do is move up a bit and all is well.

I couldn’t see at the time, so I didn’t know how long his wait had been. I figured it was somewhere around the week mark. (I confirmed it was nine days afterward.) There’s not really any rhyme or reason to when I decide he should have an orgasm. Sometimes I just want some cream filling, as I did last night. Lucky Lion. That means he gets an orgasm. Of course, he doesn’t always give me cream filling when he has an orgasm. That’s sad. But I got some last night. Yummy, yummy cream filling.

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