Friday night was a bust as far as sex is concerned. Lion had his doctor appointment, we grabbed KFC on the way home, and I had a sinus headache after dinner. We snuggled while watching TV and I played with my weenie a little bit. Eventually, Lion fell asleep. And then I did too. We’ve both been tired.

This morning, Lion woke up first. I checked to see if he was okay. He went into his office and then the dog woke up. She whined to be petted. She went to get pets from Lion and whined for more pets from me. I guessed we were up for the day. I don’t really think I would have slept any longer, anyway. We’re back in our early weekday mode again and that often means early weekends too.

We usually lounge in bed watching Law and Order SVU on Saturday morning. I made some French toast for breakfast. My plan was to do Lion’s punishment day spanking when we got up. I figured it would let Lion know that I remember on my own sometimes. I usually do, actually. That doesn’t mean I don’t forget again later on. For whatever reason, I didn’t spank him. I’ll do it the next time he gets up. No need to make a special trip.

Since I’m spanking him earlier in the day, there will still be time to play later. I’ve promised him some oral sex. He may or may not get an orgasm. That’s usually never promised. I could even pull out the massage table, do mean things to him, and then give him oral sex. The possibilities are endless. Lucky for him, they aren’t quite endless. I know there are many mean things to do to him that I won’t do. I just have to make more of an effort to do the ones and am willing to do.

I’m sure Lion will have a smile on his face at least once today.

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