Lion both loves and hates punishment day. He knows/thinks it’s helping me get used to the idea of punishing him for the more subjective rules we have. But his buns are paying the price and that hurts. Yesterday’s pain was delivered courtesy of a variety of rubber paddles. These are at least a half inch thick and nasty. The only good thing about them is that they don’t cause bleeding (usually), and they don’t require much effort on my part because they bounce back.

I know we have at least five of these nasty buggers, but I only found three yesterday. That was more than enough as far as Lion was concerned. One has holes in it and is about two and a half inches wide. Another is a tawse, and the last is only about an inch and a half wide, but it’s longer than the others. Between the three of them, Lion’s butt was a nice rosy red. He was yelping, and I wasn’t even hitting that hard. Their weight alone is enough to make him groan.

I don’t know how to gauge the performance of each paddle. I know wood tends to make him bleed. Leather seems to be the easiest for him to deal with. Rubber is pretty evil. I’d guess rubber is the worst. Each swat seems to sink in more if that makes any sense. I think if I had a wood paddle the same thickness, it wouldn’t hurt as much. I may be wrong. It seems like a slap and a thud at the same time. And that thud seems like it goes right to his core. Of course, I’m just an observer. I’ve only ever swatted my own leg and hand with any of these paddles. I know it’s not the same.

Lion should rate the paddles. Sting, thud, heaviness, etc. I’m curious. Not curious enough to be swatted myself, of course, but curious nonetheless. He did say his buns hurt more after that five-minute spanking than they did after any of the others. I guess that means rubber is the winner. Lion, obviously, is both winner and loser.

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