We are starting our new program of three-times-a-week spankings. Today is the second punishment day that it is in force. Having only had one thrice-weekly spankings, I’m feeling good about the program. The thing is that it doesn’t matter how I feel about it. I not only agreed, but asked Mrs. Lion to spank me each of our three weekly punishment days. She’s not going to stop because I change my mind.

There’s no reason for her to stop. We agree that this is necessary to help her learn to routinely punish subjective offenses. These offenses are particularly important to me. They are the sort of behaviors that can foster bad feelings between us. Mrs. Lion is not good at letting me know when I upset her. It takes several instances of particularly annoying things to get her to react in a way I can detect. Those reactions are passive-aggressive.

I think it is important that she let me know each and every time when I annoy her. We’ve learned that the best way to do that is to spank me. I improve my behavior quickly after one or two (or three) spankings. More important, Mrs. Lion feels heard when she spanks me. I’m not sure she always realizes this benefit. She says she spanks me because I’ve asked her to punish me. It’s true that I have. I believe that she benefits by bringing my offenses to the forefront as well. I can’t ignore or minimize her opinion. You try to do that when you get ten minutes of painful spanking. Nope. I have to take everything she thinks is important enough to spank me seriously.

That’s the most valuable part of domestic discipline. It levels the marital playing field. Mrs. Lion has the undisputed power to make me take her seriously. If I interrupt her and she spanks me for it, I have to look at my behavior carefully. If I don’t, another spanking will surely follow. Mrs. Lion is happy to punish me each time I break a rule. It’s up to me to avoid the spankings.

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