Not What Either of Us Expected

I am sure this isn’t the reaction Lion wanted, but last night,once I spanked him for five minutes, I didn’t care about the next five. I know we agreed that he’ll be spanked every punishment day, and if he breaks a rule, he’ll get five minutes added to it, but that seemed excessive to me while I was doing it. Then again, maybe that is the reaction Lion expected. It may not be the one he wanted, but I’m sure he didn’t expect me to snap to and actually have everything magically wonderful. He had to know it would take time for me to get on board with spanking him for the subjective rules, right?

However, I don’t think he anticipated my actively not wanting to continue with the spanking. Okay, maybe it didn’t seem excessive. Maybe it felt ridiculous, unnecessary? I don’t know exactly what the word is. I just know I had to force myself to keep going. I wonder if I’d feel the same way if I was spanking him for not setting up the coffee pot or leaving the shower door open. In truth, I don’t really care about those rules, either. I mean, it doesn’t take long to set up the coffee pot in the morning. And the only problem with leaving the shower door open is that the dog gets in and tracks her wet footprints all over. Now that it’s rainy again, she does that anyway. But they are two rules that are black and white. He either did them, or he didn’t. Spank or don’t spank. On or off.

I don’t think I anticipated that reaction to spanking, either. What the heck? I’ve been spanking him for breaking rules for a while now. Why would I not want to continue? Do we need to make the punishment day spankings ten minutes so that I don’t backslide with the real punishments? I’m not sure. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with tomorrow’s spanking. [Lion — If she goes to ten minutes on every punishment day, how would I learn that I broke a subjective rule. We both know that this new punishment day spanking is to train her as much as it is to train me. The reason we have the initial five minutes is to make it easier for her to punish me for subjective offenses.]