Something to Look Forward To

I set up the massage table yesterday. First, I asked Lion if he wanted me to set it up. He told me it wasn’t up to him. True, but if I’d just started things the way I wanted to start them, he might not be as excited. I invited him to join me in his office.

He doesn’t like when I go right for his balls to tie them up. I guess it doesn’t matter as much with his balls. It’s clothespins and painful things that require a little warmup. He loves having his balls tied. Unfortunately, one of them didn’t want to cooperate. I spent a little time getting him hard before I snuck up on his balls again. This time, I got them both.

I don’t know exactly when we started. I guess it was a little after 5. By 5:30, he wasn’t as hard as I’d like, and he was nowhere near the edge. How long should I give him? I never want him to think I’m giving up on him. Sometimes he’ll tell me he isn’t going to get any further. Last night, I called it after about a half hour. He apologized for not getting more excited. I gave him a little suck and he said he liked that. He really liked it. I told him it was something to look forward to for next time. He groaned. Poor Lion. I sucked him a few more times and then stopped.

Lion seems to think I can give him a blow job if he’s at the end of the table and I’m on a chair. I don’t see that as a comfortable or sustainable position. My back hurts a little bit standing beside him jerking him off. I was trying to figure out if the table was too high or too low. I don’t know if sitting will work. I’ll have to drag the chair out. Anyway, I like having him lie across the bed when I give him a blow job. It’s more comfortable for me. I assume it’s more comfortable for him too. If we’d stayed in the bedroom last night, he probably would have gotten at least the beginnings of a blow job.

It’s too soon for another orgasm, even tonight. The poor boy will just have to suffer through more sucking and jerking.