Rosy Buns Are Sexy Buns

No news on the job front. I have an interview Monday at 10 am and I signed up for a virtual job fair. I don’t think many things happen at the end of the week anyway, so I’ll pick it up in a few days.

Lion told me he wrote a comment on yesterday’s post. I made lunch before I read it. I also grabbed a paddle to put on the bed to remind me he had a spanking due. I was going to do it once we got our buns out of bed yesterday and forgot. The paddle was for after lunch. When I read Lion’s comment, I saw he’d mentioned his punishment and my failure to do anything about it up to that point in the day. I seem to be disappointing him left and right nowadays.

Since his hip/leg has been bothering him, I thought having him across the bed would be a more comfortable position for his spanking. He disagreed. I pulled out the spanking bench and got things ready. I only used one strap on him. I don’t think he can go anywhere with a strap around his middle. I know it’s loose, but it’s secure enough. I’d pulled out one leather paddle and didn’t see any reason why I’d need another. I warmed up his buns and then set the timer.

Not long after I started whomping, I decided to do an impromptu experiment. I was alternating between buns as I swatted and started counting. One of our past experiments involved giving Lion 300 swats. I don’t know why 300. I was just trying to get used to punishing him and I guess that sounded like a good number. Anyway, I wanted to see how long it took to do that many swats.

I went fairly slow. Normally, when I punish him, I vary how fast or slow I hit. I also vary how hard I hit. This time, I kept it slow and steady. The only breaks I took were to change hands, which changed the angle the swats were coming from. When I was done with 300, he still had about five minutes left on the timer. I gave him another 100 swats more rapid fire and told him he was done. Well, he was done long before I was done with him. I think he was done before he ever got on the bench, but that’s not the way it works.

His buns were a nice deep rosy red, and he had a few bloody spots. While I was warming him up, I suggested he should make sure he set the coffee pot up when I was done, so he went off to do just that. He sat in his office chair for a while. I bet that didn’t feel very good. By dinnertime, he said it didn’t really hurt anymore. Of course, he was lounging in a soft bed by then. His buns were still rosy around 9 pm when he got up. By bedtime, the rosiness was gone, but he still had some red spots.

I’d say he’s learned his lesson for a while, but I don’t think he’s set up the coffee for tomorrow yet. Hint, hint. [Lion — I did it before I read this post.]