I Get It, Like It Or Not

When I started writing this blog, I worried about what would happen after we had been writing for a few years. I wasn’t worried about running out of material. My big concern was that Mrs. Lion and I would have progressed deeply into male chastity and other kinky activities leaving new readers behind.

If our experience is a guide, kink is evolutionary. You start out with a play spanking and end up with domestic discipline. Well, no, most people don’t, but we did. Male chastity is a fun sex game. We’ve played it continuously so long that neither of us can imagine me getting off on my own. Even now, when Mrs. Lion isn’t feeling well, I won’t do anything to get off. That’s her job. All those chastity fantasies have come true. I can’t get off on my own. No chastity device is needed.

The incentive for getting into male orgasm control is the excitement of being locked into a male chastity device. I wore one continuously for years. Sometimes I hated it. Mrs. Lion didn’t care. It stayed in place. She only unlocked me for teasing and the occasional orgasm. This policy worked. Device or no device, I can’t have sex on my own. I haven’t masturbated in nearly nine years.

Spanking and BDSM were also evolutionary. In the case of spanking, it was Mrs. Lion who was conditioned. She started off being unable to do more than give me little love taps. Over the years, she learned to spank me hard enough to make me yelp and scream. She also learned not to care that she was hurting me. Spanking became an activity that neither bothered her nor turned her on. She did it to me as needed. I think she likes it when my bottom is sore for a few days after I’ve been spanked. That’s the sign of good craftsmanship.

I think that we learned two important lessons over the years. The first one is that if you keep doing something, eventually, it will become second nature. The second is that it doesn’t work to have expectations about how something will feel. I expected Mrs. Lion to learn to like spanking me. Why? She just has to feel good about doing it. Expecting her to get aroused just makes things harder for her. By the same token, she doesn’t expect me to like having to wait for orgasms or like being spanked. Those things are part of our lives. Like it or not, I get spanked when Mrs. Lion decides I need to be. The same is true of giving me orgasms. That’s just the way we live.

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  1. I have purchased a half dozen chastity devices and lock myself up occasionally. My wife never liked them and has no interest in locking me up. I wanted her to like locking me up and keeping the key, but she doesn’t. Oh well.
    I introduced orgasm control and denial. At first she could not understand why I would want to forego the pleasure of orgasm, but then she saw the benefit of keeping me aroused and saw the post orgasm slump I went into. Now she is happy to keep me denied for longer and longer periods of time. When I am very aroused and close to the edge of climax she will ask if I want to come and I admit that I really do not want to even though my body really does!
    I wish she would spank me much more often, but she does so when she wants to. She has learned to whip me much harder and does not feel sorry for me when she knows that it hurts since I asked for it.

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