When I finished Lion’s waxing yesterday, I told him if I ever talk about waxing his legs again, he should tell me to shut up. He has my permission. Just shut up. On the other hand, I could always shave his legs. There’s no rule saying I have to wax him or nothing. I used to shave him. I used to use the light gun to remove hair. If his legs start to look funny, I can mow them. Both ways get rid of hair. Since his legs aren’t involved in play, except for restraints, there’s no reason they have to be smooth as a baby’s butt.

Today is a very cool day. It’s overcast and fairly dark outside. It’s perfect weather for some fun. There’s a “just because” spanking looming too. However, I need to get back to the fun part first. That’s more important. When I waxed him, I did run my hands all over his body, and I paid a little more attention to his crack than I normally do, but I didn’t give him an oily hand job. I didn’t really turn him on. Of course, the purpose of waxing isn’t to turn him on. I’ve just taken some liberties when it comes to cleaning him off. He’s lubed. Why not have some fun?

Since I gave him a play spanking a few days ago, I think he can hold out for another day before I blister his butt. Plus, tomorrow is my half day of work. I have time to spank him early and play with him later. Or vice versa. I know Lion would prefer the play early. There’s time to figure out the logistics. Tonight, I’ll set up the massage table in his office, and we’ll have some fun. I might even be persuaded to strap him down either with the spanking straps or the restraints. The spanking straps will be easier to find. Either way, he’ll be at my mercy. Mwah ha ha.

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