Happy Penis Or Blistered Bottom

Mrs. Lion finished waxing me on Wednesday after work. It puts a strain on her back and shoulders. She was out of commission for other activities. In her post yesterday (“I Feel a Spanking Coming On“), she observed that I’ve gone unspanked for a long time, 49 days as of Thursday. That is because we were sick and I’ve been careful to follow all my rules.

Spanking serves several purposes in our lives. It trains me to follow rules, it reminds Mrs. Lion to observe my behavior and continue our domestic discipline, and it satisfies my kinky sexual need to be spanked. When we go too long without spanking, these things fade into the background. Our marriage loses some seasoning. It’s like cooking without salt. The food is still nutritious and tastes good, but something is missing.

I’m writing this post on Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Lion hasn’t indicated whether she plans on giving me a “just because” spanking today. I’m pretty sure she will. She’s obviously been thinking about it. If she does, there won’t be any sex tonight. That isn’t a rule, but I’m usually too uncomfortable to get very turned on, and Mrs. Lion doesn’t want me to associate sexual pleasure with punishment. A “just because” spanking is punishment. Maybe she won’t spank me today so we can do something sexual. We haven’t since my orgasm four days ago.

What will she decide to do? I vote for sex. Big surprise, right?

My vote doesn’t count. My prediction is that I will have a sore bottom. That’s the most overdue activity. I can be wrong. Mrs. Lion likes to be unpredictable.

Our current situation is the perfect example of why we needed to add “just because” spankings to our domestic discipline. For a long time, we waffled on the subject. It seemed unfair to punish me if I didn’t break any rules. I don’t think we had the best understanding of the importance of spanking. I need it because it’s the way I’m wired. Play spankings would be enough to satisfy that need. Domestic discipline fills a much more important role.

Whether she chooses to use it or not, Mrs. Lion can spank me for upsetting her. If I don’t respect her opinion or make her feel that I am disregarding her, she knows that she can spank me. So far, she hasn’t done much spanking for that reason, but she can. She also knows that I don’t think being spanked is fun. That means it is an effective and healthy way for her to express displeasure. Punishing me is an overt and agreed-upon way to handle my misdeeds.

It isn’t easy for her to use this tool. She knows she has it and knows how to use it. I’m confident that she will use it at some point. In the meantime, the knowledge that she can easily spank me prevents destructive, indirect expressions of anger. She’s told me that the “just because” spankings give her a chance to punish me for times I upset her but she doesn’t want to punish me. Fair enough. A blistered bottom hurts regardless of the reason I get it.