No Play. More Branches. More Heat.

Lion wasn’t interested in playing Sunday night. He said to wait for our anniversary. Unfortunately, I must have done too good a job feeding him (it was just hamburgers and corn on the cob) because he was too full to play. Do I have to starve him tonight, so he wants to play?

Yesterday, Lion mentioned the shock collar. I fully intended to put it on him. I spaced and thought I’d have him put it on after lunch. Spaced. After he got settled in his office this morning, he asked about it. He said I can have him be responsible for putting it on. Fair enough. It uses the same charging cord the dog’s shock collar uses, and he already has that on his desk. He has it on today. I hit him with a vibration a little while ago, and he wondered why. It was just a “hello” vibration. He says I never kiss him or show him any affection. A hello vibration tells him I’m thinking about him. [Lion — It’s not as good as a kiss, but it is very nice.]

The dog is still dragging branches in from the yard. I did one last (I hope) pruning at lunch. Unless she jumps off the deck, I don’t think she can reach anything else. I don’t put it past her to jump off the deck. She’s pretty psycho. Lion wanted the leaves cleaned up in his office so he sent the Roomba in. Of course, it got clogged up. I’m under a certain amount of pressure at work lately. Between that, the dog, and the Roomba, I was a bit frazzled this morning. The air conditioner and fan are on, so I’m doing better now. Calming breezes are flowing across the room.

Speaking of air conditioners and fans, ridiculously, we have another heat advisory until Friday. What the heck? I am no longer cut out for New York weather. We even had a decent amount of humidity the other day. Yuck! If you need me, I’ll be in front of the air conditioner.