After eleven days of rebound COVID, I finally tested negative. I can’t complain. I never got very sick. There was no fever or coughing. I had a stuffy nose most nights that could have been my allergies. The only definite COVID symptom is that I’ve lost most of my sense of taste and smell. I also tire easily. A summer cold is more unpleasant.

My rebound COVID wasn’t unusual. It’s almost always without serious symptoms. I believe that our vaccinations and prompt use of Paxlovid spared us from getting very sick. Of course, it would have been much better if we avoided catching it at all. I’m grateful that we made it through. We are certainly going to wear masks in public going forward. No one knows how long immunity lasts. The only way to stop this disease is to prevent its spread.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to try out our new massage table soon. I think we both need another day or two before we go for it. I am curious how Mrs. Lion will decide to christen it. My imagination isn’t too active right now. I will just wait and see.

During the time I’ve been infected, I’ve kept writing. I hope my new book is better than the last one.

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  1. What a stubborn lion. Even when he was sick, he continued to write a book. It’s probably worth it.

    1. Author

      Neither of us was that sick. The worst for me is loss of smell/taste. My big symptom was a stuffy nose and some fatigue. We were very lucky.

      1. I know this state when I woke up, had breakfast and realized that I was already tired. I went through this too. Therefore, I say that going to work, and not going to bed in such a state, is already almost a feat 🙂

        1. Author

          We were very lucky (smart?) and didn’t have a lot of fatigue. I did want to snooze more than usual, but bravely soldiered on. LOL

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