We’re Still On Hold

Mrs. Lion tested negative for COVID on Thursday night. She still feels tired and achy. I was still positive. I feel like I have a mild cold with a stuffy nose and am sort of tired. If it doesn’t get any worse, I’ll be happy. I’m fully functional, just a bit slower than usual.

Despite asking readers to avoid getting political about my post yesterday (“Answering Some COVID Questions“), one Republican with poor reading skills posted a long diatribe. I just don’t understand why a discussion of medical information can inflame some people. For the record, I don’t care if you get vaccinated or not. I do care that if you get sick, vaccinated or not, you isolate yourself until you are no longer positive for COVID. The tests are free. Use them.

We’re isolating. It isn’t very different from what we usually do. I’m glad that Mrs. Lion is better. I’m going to be reviewing the Holy Trainer v5 as soon as I have more energy. I wore it for a while before I got sick, and it was amazingly comfortable.

I’ve been following my rules faithfully. It’s been 30 days since my last spanking. I know I’m due for a “just because” spanking as soon as I get better. The new massage table is still in its shipping box. We’ll use it when we both feel better.

Everything is on hold here. It has to be. Politics aside, we are very lucky so far. I’m grateful to medical science.

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  1. Dear Mr. Lion, I wasn’t upset I am concerned and I am not a republican I’m an independent and before that a JFK democrat but they killed him. Probably the same ones that invented this virus, but I am an admitted conspiracy believer, because too much has transpired in my lifetime to believe simply what I am told is true about a story. I do hope you and Mrs. Lion overcome your ailments, just chose wisely your antidotes is all I’m saying. Good Luck (notice no offensive remarks are enclosed) Why has a vaccination become so political anyway, strange right? How can you take politics out of this at this juncture? We can try I guess. Why do all my test kits say “made in China”, I want nothing to do with China let alone stick something that was made there in my nose…not happening. Are there any made in the USA that are free?

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