The Smell Test

One thing I didn’t get done over the weekend was changing the bed. Lion’s allergies get worse the longer the sheets are on. I was supposed to change it last night, but he was out of pills. To make things easier on a daily basis, we both have our morning pills and evening pills in containers. Then all we have to do is grab one and take them with breakfast or dinner. That means once a month I have to sit down and refill those containers. And the bed remained unchanged.

When Lion heads for the shower, I’ll change it. The last few times, he’s asked when I can do it even after I’ve done it. I guess it’s not so obvious although he will say how much he loves clean sheets as he snuggles into bed. How can he love it if he can’t tell when I’ve changed them? Oh well. No big deal. [Lion — I can feel the clean sheets. I can’t always see that new ones are on the bed. Most of our sheets are the same color.]

Once I am done with work, I want to take the new massage table out of the box. I don’t really expect to use it. I just want to look at it and plant the seed in Lion’s mind that it’s available. Then I have to figure out where it will live when we’re not using it. If it’s a substitute for the spanking bench (I’m not sure it is), it could go behind the door and the spanking bench could find a new home. I’ll have to check things out once it’s unpacked.

The biggest side effect for Lion from COVID is not being able to taste and/or smell. He doesn’t really care what he eats. I bought some raspberries and strawberries a few days ago and I’m afraid he won’t be able to enjoy them. He couldn’t even smell freshly picked oregano from the garden. To me, it smelled like a pizza. I found some nose exercises he can do that may help him regain his sense of smell sooner. Ironically, one of the scents is oregano. Oh well. It’s worth a try.