Lion just took another COVID test. A positive result shows up fairly early. He finally tested negative. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s 100 percent better. He still can’t taste things. However, I’m positive he’s negative for COVID. Now we wait another five days to be able to go out mask free. Of course, we’d be pretty stupid to go anywhere without a mask again. We fell for it once. No more.

We’ve both been having appetite issues. We aren’t really hungry, but we know we have to eat. Since Lion can’t taste much, he doesn’t care what he eats. I decided to make hamburgers and onion rings last night. He could taste the sweetness of the onion rings, but not much else. I made BLTs for lunch. I was trying to coax his taste buds into working by giving him bacon to smell. It didn’t work very well. Maybe I should give him raisins to eat. He hates raisins, but if he can’t taste them anyway, he won’t know he hates them. Right?

We snuggled a bit last night. He said I didn’t get close enough to his fun area. I didn’t think he wanted any action. I was busy playing with the hair on his leg. I could have visited my weenie. Even if he didn’t get excited, it would have been fun. I’ll have to visit tonight.

I don’t know how long it will be before we get back in the swing of things. There’s no rush. Of course, if we exhaust ourselves trying, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I don’t think either of us would mind being tired from sex. At this point, any amount of exertion would exhaust us. Sounds good to me.

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