I’m Proud Of My Penis


Have you noticed that sex stories written by women are different from those men write? One of the big differences between the sexes is how we think about our naughty bits. My penis gets significantly larger when I’m aroused. It’s impossible for me to miss this. It’s also difficult to hide from others.

My penis has the ability to both thrill and embarrass me. Because it grows when aroused, it’s natural for us to take pride (or shame) in its erect size. Women don’t share this obvious sign of arousal. Their labia swell a bit and they produce lube. Even when they are naked, these changes are very subtle and unlikely to be noticed by a male.

I can’t speak for other guys, but the more aroused I get, the more penis-centric I become. My thoughts are all in the context of my cock–how it feels when I move in and out, how it seems to get harder the closer I get to ejaculation. I don’t spend time on other sensations.

Based on my reading, women seem to be less involved with body parts. Sure, they’re aware that their clitorises are being stimulated. But they don’t seem to be focused on their vaginas. They seem much more engaged with their partner and have broader sensations all over their bodies. I’m not.

It’s fair to say that we are wired differently. The better we understand these differences, the more effective we can be as lovers.

covid update

Mrs. Lion did some research on our current rebound of COVID. According to the CDC, it’s not unusual after taking Paxlovid. The drug worked and within four days I was symptom-free and tested negative. A week later I was congested and tested positive again. The same happened to Mrs. Lion. The CDC says that this rebound happens fairly often. The infection is very mild and doesn’t require treatment.

So far, they’re right. Our symptoms are very mild. Mrs. Lion hasn’t missed any work, and I’m at my desk writing. It feels like a mild head cold. We are supposed to be symptom-free in less than a week. It seems right to me.

The new ba2 strain of omicron is more contagious than any previous mutation. It finds its way around immunity. People who had COVID just weeks ago are infected by the variant. It’s likely that a new booster that targets this bug is needed. Please don’t restart the vax/no-vax debate. Even though we got infected, our bodies were able to fight it off thanks to the vaccine and boosters.

It’s too bad that we are under the weather. Our new massage table arrived last night.