We are both hanging in. Mrs. Lion has a headache and stiff neck. I’m a little stuffy. We’re both feeling tired. From my perspective, this is a mild cold. I tested positive again on Friday night. Mrs. Lion remains negative. We’re staying home.

I liked Mrs. Lion’s posts Friday and yesterday (“This End Up” and “It Shoudn’t Be A Surprise“). I was a little surprised. I thought she wasn’t very fond of anal activity and was neutral on the subject of spanking. On some level, she wrote that she enjoys both. I wonder if this is new. A couple of years ago, she had her “pegging project.” She was going to train me to accept her fucking my ass with a dildo. She made good progress but stopped the training.

She says that I’m responsible for the end of play spankings. She’s right. I thought that I would be confused if spanking was both a punishment and a form of play. I may have been wrong. Now that we have been practicing domestic discipline for a few years, I think that there is little chance that I will confuse play with punishment. I’m fine if she wants to resume.

She’s always said that she didn’t like spanking me. She said she did it because I wanted it. Most recently, she said that she didn’t mind spanking me when needed. It wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t a problem for her either. Is play spanking now fun for her? Based on her post, it appears that it is. I’m certainly agreeable to this change.

There’s nothing wrong with her changing her mind. We’ve both grown into what we do. If either of us read our recent posts when we started in 2014, we would probably say that it was too extreme for us. Obviously, it isn’t.

Listen to this post.


  1. Glad to read that the spice has returned and as they say change is good as a holiday. As we all return to norm in life after COVID now yourself after the vaccine we take to try and prevent in getting it again and again Myself and Mrs we both had ours but in my job the risk is still high into getting it again.
    Chastment with the new HTV5 coming by end August most of it in the HT v3 nub now HTv5 is Nano not the Nub 1 size up hope that Mrs 427 will start being a bit to more interesting to control with key.
    Spanking to DD is no but playfully it’s still in table

    1. Author

      I think you will enjoy your Nano.

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