It Shouldn’t be a Surprise

I was surprised that Lion was surprised that I like his butt. I didn’t think it was a secret. I’ve told him I like his butt many times. When he was steadier on his feet and more active around the house, I’d rub or pat his butt as I passed or stood next to him. When he first asked me to spank him, I always did more fondling than spanking. Of course, in the beginning, I didn’t do a lot of spanking anyway. It probably felt like all fondling to him. Once I figured out how to make his cheeks rosy, I still did a lot of caressing and kissing. I love his butt even if it is small and not very good at holding his pants up.

For the record, I’m not really into spanking his butt. I just like touching it. I don’t have to spank it, but it seems like an odd request for him to lay on his stomach while I squeeze his little cheeks. He should get something out of the deal too. Obviously, having someone fondle your tush should be its own reward, but I can see how a spanking would be a win for him. I can’t exactly stop in the middle of a punishment spanking to kiss his buns. I think I have at some point, but that sends mixed signals. A truly play spanking could get as intense as a punishment spanking. It would have a much longer buildup to the harder swats. And I’d stop along the way to let him cool off a bit with some nibbles on his tender skin.

Naturally, a play spanking is a leadup to more hanky panky. It’s meant to turn him on. He may be turned on thinking about a punishment spanking before or long after, but he should never come away with both a bloody butt and a hard on.

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  1. This is not surprising. People must feel mutual sympathy, otherwise they would not be a couple.

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