The Just-In-Time Orgasm

My orgasmic drought ended on Wednesday night. I waited 17 days and nights. To be fair, we were both under the weather for seven of those days. Mrs. Lion said that I should deduct the sick days from the total to get my “true” wait time. Nope. Sick or well, it was 17 days.

In one sense she’s right. I wasn’t a bit interested in sex while sick. That doesn’t mean that my sexual battery wasn’t charging. It was. I was ready to go in no time. The elapsed time from when Mrs. Lion starts until I orgasm doesn’t seem to get shorter after a long wait. I always thought that the hornier I got, the faster I would come.

This was true when I was in my twenties and thirties. On occasion, I would squirt within a minute of starting. Fortunately, that was infrequent. That stopped happening in my forties. There are a couple of possible reasons. The first is physiological. My sexual responses age and slow. Every man experiences this. We go from being able to have an orgasm ten minutes after coming, to a refractory period of a day or two. This probably makes it take longer to get to the top of the mountain.

The second reason is psychological. We grow accustomed to our sexual experiences and partners. Novelty and anticipation play a part in quick release. Would I be quick to ejaculate if my favorite movie star wanted me to fuck her? I’m sure there would be some effect. Maybe not. When I was invited to be with two women, I performed well even though they spent a lot of time teasing me before fucking. I also wasn’t ready for the second woman until the next day.

I wish I had a better handle on my own sexuality. Every time  I think that I’ve figured out how I work, contradictory evidence emerges. You’d think that mother nature would make males very predictable. Other mammals ejaculate almost instantly upon penetration. Some stay conjoined afterward, but the seed is spread before anything else happens.

This strategy works for reproduction but doesn’t do much for pair bonding. Prolonged intercourse improves the odds of orgasms for both partners. There’s no evolutionary preparation for the situation I’m in. Mrs. Lion doesn’t want sex and I do. You’d think that the optimum way this should work would be for me to orgasm in seconds. That would make it easier for Mrs. Lion to satisfy me. That would be a just-in-time orgasm. Unfortunately, there is no way to train me to do that.