Fun with Weenie and the Boys

I am so glad we’re both feeling better. My stomach was a little off last night, but otherwise things are back to normal. The problem with that is that I’ve had a chance to look around the house. What a mess! Between things that came in from the camper and things I just dropped anywhere when we weren’t feeling well, it will take me the better part of the weekend to straighten up. And the lawn needs to be mowed. And the dog needs a bath. And the Lion may even need to be waxed again. I can only do so much. [Lion — I don’t need waxing this week,]

Lion just mentioned going to the casino. He also wants to track down some raspberries. Guess which one I’d rather do. Of course, they aren’t mutually exclusive things. However, a trip to the casino will curtail any Lion fun for whichever night we go. I know he wants some more fun. My goal was to start playing the day after an orgasm. Last night’s stomach woes put a damper on that, but tonight should be fine.

He wrote about balls the other day. I like his balls. I don’t particularly care if they’re hairy or not. My favorite view is when he’s been under the blankets and then stands up. I like the way they hang down. Some women may find that unappealing. Some women may find balls unappealing altogether. When his balls are warm, they’re almost squishable. The skin is soft and stretchy. They just feel nice. On the other hand, I like his balls when they aren’t warm too. They’re nice and compact. In either case, they’re easy to wrangle. I can yank on them or tie them or kiss them. Okay. They aren’t as much fun as their neighbor, but I still like them.

I assume there are some women who don’t like weenies either. It’s their loss. Give me a weenie and some balls to snuggle up with and I’m a happy camper. Well, not just any weenie and balls. They have to be attached to Lion.