When was the last time you thought about balls? No, not tennis, base, or footballs, male balls. You know, those hair bedonkers below the penis. Well, for me hairless bedonkers. Women seem polarized on the subject. Some love them and at least as many don’t like them. They’re standard equipment on males.

Balls are shape-shifters. They can go from a tight package nestled under the penis to a loose sack with the contents plainly visible. The scrotum has a thin layer of muscle that controls this. When loose and hanging down, the body is trying to cool the contents. When tight, it is either trying to keep them warm or protect them from danger. That’s why they usually pull up during sex.

It’s difficult to find a man who doesn’t like his penis, but easy to find guys who aren’t very fond of their balls. Like them or not, guys have them. They can be very erotic and contribute to male sexual pleasure. I love my balls tickled gently. Mrs. Lion also slaps them sometimes. She says it turns me on. No comment.

Many women ignore them during hand-and-blow jobs. They are treated like unwelcome guests. Paying attention to balls makes a handjob a two-handed operation. It’s worth it for the guy receiving it.

When it comes to male chastity devices, balls are an essential part of the security design. Most devices are secured using the balls as an anchor. The base ring of the device goes around the balls and penis. Some guys think it has to be very tight to work. It doesn’t. A nice fit (you can easily get one finger between the top of your penis and the ring, but not two) is all you need.

The cage attaches to the ring. Aside from protecting the penis from sex, the cage (tube) also covers most of the opening the balls and penis went through putting on the base ring. It can’t come off. OK, most devices can allow you to get your penis out of the cage with effort. The device will stay in place anyway. Remember, the purpose of a male chastity device is to discourage masturbation, not provide an escape-proof prison. You wanted to be locked up. It would be dumb to try to escape.

Anyway, a bad fit or bad male chastity device design can cause the balls discomfort. If the base ring is too tight, it can deprive the scrotum of enough blood circulation. It can cause sores and even turn the scrotum purple. This is all bad. The device should allow the balls full freedom. Sometimes if the scrotum tries to shrink to its smallest size, some men will experience pain. This is often an issue with the gap between the cage and the base ring. A proper fit will be comfortable at all times.

Mrs. Lion likes to tie up my balls so that the scrotum is stretched and the balls separated. When she does this and jerks me off, my balls move up and down, slapping the bed. I like the feeling and she has fun seeing my balls move that way.

I encourage you to pay attention to more than the penis. The balls are erotic and can be a source of fun for both partners. When it comes to male chastity, a good fit will avoid making the boys hurt.

I would like to thank Joseph for his email. He reminded me that I have been ignoring balls for some time.

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