Twenty Days And Counting

We have a little whiteboard in our bedroom. Every day, I update the number of days since my last orgasm. There is also an “ouch” magnet that gets moved to the top-right corner if I am due for a spanking. This provides Mrs. Lion with a graphic to-do reminder. If Mrs. Lion has recently spanked me, she checks the whiteboard at least once a day. After about ten days, she seems to lose focus and doesn’t check her to-do’s.

The need to maintain focus for both of us is why we instituted “just because” spankings. Receiving a spanking for any reason gets my attention. A “just because” spanking leaves me just as sore as one for breaking a rule. I’m painfully reminded of my role. It also seems to help Mrs. Lion. She suffers from inertia and needs regular reminders to stay vigilant,

We aren’t unusual. I’ve heard from others whose spouses stopped spanking them. Disciplinary activity just faded away. I believe that it is my responsibility to help keep our domestic discipline alive. After all, it’s for my benefit. Mrs.Lion has been wonderful about supporting me. She may put off a spanking for a few days because she isn’t feeling well or other tasks need her attention. She has only canceled one spanking because she waited over a week before getting around to it. That’s an excellent record.

One area that we might improve is adding disciplinary topics to our conversations. Even when I’ve earned a spanking, Mrs.Lion doesn’t talk about the offense. I think that we need to discuss domestic discipline a bit more. We don’t have to. We both know what happens when I break a rule. I think that talking about it might help keep the subject more top of mind. It’s certainly less painful than more frequent “just because” spankings. Mrs. Lion will decide that. As of yesterday, it’s been twenty days since my last ride on the spanking bench. That’s a long time.

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