Not Really Happy


The truck is home again. It turns out the tires forgot how to talk to the system, so they couldn’t report pressure. Stupid things. I thought technology was supposed to make things easier. I guess it depends on the task.

Speaking of tasks, Lion needs to be waxed this weekend. I don’t care how much easier it’s gotten over time, I still don’t like doing it. Would I rather have my nose tickled when I suck him? It really doesn’t bother me. I think I only notice it now because there’s usually no hair. If there was hair, I’d get used to it. The real draw for me is the cleanup when I get to play with an oily Lion. An oily weenie is a happy weenie.

I still have to clean out the camper and the truck. The truck is easier. There are a few big items and then the rest gets thrown out or tossed in a bag. The camper still has quite a bit in it. The thing that kills me is the stairs into and out of the camper. I toss as much as I can out the door so I don’t have to deal with the stairs as much. I’ll be so glad when the camper is gone. I look forward to having an empty hole where it used to sit.

Lion is looking for the spanking I owe him. He mentioned it last night. I figured it was so long since I said he was getting it, that we might as well forget it. I know he needs one every few weeks, so I guess that logic won’t fly. I’ll drag the bench out tonight. Once I light his butt on fire, he’ll be happy. Well, happy isn’t exactly the word he’d use. He will be content once the initial pain wears off.


  1. Hi, I asked a question as to why you have discontinued translating the post in other languages, but I still haven’t got a reply. I’d be much obliged if I’d get it. thanks.

    1. I’ll put that option back on the right column. Thanks for asking.

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