A Night Out

Lion likes to go out. I’m more of a homebody. No surprise there. I figure I’ve been out working all day, why would I want to go back out? Depending on how hard a day it’s been, that includes going out to eat too.

Last night Lion suggested the casino. We haven’t been for a very long time. At one point it seemed like we lived there. We went every weekend to a further one and, at times, near nightly to the closer one. Lion said he didn’t want to just sit around the house. Maybe he was compensating for the lack of sex happening during that time period. I don’t know. I found it boring after I lost the first $20. I’d go off and people watch or read a book depending on what casino we were visiting. But last night was fun.

I lost some money. Lion made up what I lost so I think we ended up even, if not a little ahead. We had dinner at the buffet which is nice for a change but boring when it happened every night/weekend. The slot machines I played took some money but then gave some back. At one point I was ahead a bit, but I wanted to see the bonus round so I kept going. Other machines would suddenly give out wild spots for no reason and I’d win back some money. We found a 3D slot that was very entertaining. It was fun but I hope we’re done for a while again.

Lion reminded me he was horny quite a few times. There’s not much I can do for him if we’ve been out all night and we’re tired. I was ready for bed. He was horny. I wouldn’t have helped his horniness anyway. I’d only have made it worse by edging him. He’s saving himself for his birthday. Well, he’s not. I am. I think, and I say this because I know me, that he won’t get an orgasm until Sunday night at the earliest. But Lion knows I can be persuaded to give in before then. And it’s not necessarily him doing the persuading. It’s me. I’m the weak link in this chain.

I talk a good game about making him wait and then I give in. To myself. I have these little arguments in my head while I’m edging him. He should wait. Oh, come on! Nope, he should wait. For what? He’s made it this far and I think he can make it X more days. Are you nuts? Yup. It gets heated in there. And then I give in and Lion inevitably says, “I thought you were going to wait.” Can’t win.

Today we’re off to pick up Lion’s birthday cake and run some other errands. Then we’ll come home, do some chores, and I will attempt to stave off the voice that wants Lion to come tonight. My internal voice. Not his.