A Losing Night

I finished mowing the lawn yesterday. It took me two days. Well, really, only about two hours, spread over two days. But it’s done, and I don’t have to think about it again for a while. I count that as a win. Lion wanted to go to the casino, so last night we went. We got a free dinner, and we both came out down some money. Lion says it’s similar to the cost of going to a musical or a concert. Despite having fun with all the lights and sounds of the slot machines, I count it as a loss. I can, and do, play slot machines on my iPad, and I don’t lose any money.

The biggest loss of the night was Lion missing out on a chance for an orgasm. He never really had a chance since I wasn’t going to give him one, but he missed out on the build-up to a potential orgasm. He may think a night out is equal to or better than sexual attention. I do not. [Lion — I don’t compare them. I had fun last night, and by the time we got home, I was too tired for sex anyway.]

Another loss for Lion happened when I walked into the kitchen and hit the brew button on the coffee maker. I didn’t even look. I just expected it to work. The flashing light was confusing at first. Then I looked more closely. Nope. No coffee pot, no water, no filter. No wonder it was flashing. I’m certainly capable of putting it together. I just found it interesting that I relied on it being done for me and never bothered to look. Now Lion is due for a punishment spanking. In my 4.0 mind, I was thinking of whomping him before we go out to run a few errands. How uncomfortable will it be to have a sore butt while clothed? I’m sure it won’t feel good. But, given his outing last night and the fact that he said he’s tired, I’m not sure he’ll be running errands with me. Of course, I could always whomp him and tell him to get dressed so he can feel clothes on his freshly bruised buns. It’s an interesting idea.

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  1. It is a sorry state of affairs when after so many years he still forgets the coffee pot. I believe there should be several days of solid spankings to partially make up for it,

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