Yesterday, I thought I let Mrs. Lion know that I was horny. I used my post for the purpose (“Growth Spurt“). During the evening, she wasn’t acting particularly sexual. Finally, when it was too late for anything to happen, I asked her why she didn’t want to do anything. She replied that she didn’t read my post and said I didn’t tell her I wrote one. I did. She was probably distracted by work.

Now it is day three since my last orgasm. I suspect it is the ragged edge of the time to keep me actively horny. We’ve also crossed the two-week mark since my last spanking. I’m writing this after lunch on Thursday. Today is punishment day, and I reminded Mrs.Lion of the fact this morning. I have to remind her, or I will get punished. However, I’m due for a “Just Because” spanking. We need reminding to pay strict attention to domestic discipline. Mrs. Lion seems distracted. Spanking me always sharpens her focus and reminds me to behave.

It’s easy for Mrs. Lion to deal with spanking me. My input isn’t ever required. She initiates 100 percent of the time. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. If I feel it’s been too long between spankings, I can always mention that it may be time for a “Just Because” spanking, and Mrs. Lion takes it from there. All I have to do is mount the spanking bench when ordered.

Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday (“OK Maybe I’m Not Paying Attention “) that she isn’t sure when she should get sexual with me. She mentioned that in years past, she had no problem. I got an orgasm every night. She decided how, but one way or another, I ejaculated. When we began male chastity things started to get more complicated. Mrs. Lion decided that she would edge me every day or two. I would never go more that 48 hours without being brought to the edge of orgasm or over it.

For some reason, we stopped having scheduled sexual activity. Part of the reason for this is that I’m less reliable about getting to the edge, or sometimes, even getting fully erect. Mrs. Lion interprets that to mean I’m not interested. I don’t think that’s the point any more than it matters if I’m hankering for a spanking when Mrs. Lion decides it’s time for one.

This moves us into another sand trap. If Mrs. Lion agrees to daily or every-other-day sex, will she consider it a chore and lose enthusiasm? Will I feel I am inconveniencing her? The answer to both is probably “yes.” The bigger question is: Should it matter? Based on our current difficulties, it probably shouldn’t.  If we agree that scheduled sex is the best way back, do we also want more frequent orgasms? That’s up to Mrs. Lion, but I think it might be a good idea to try for more. We may not succeed every time, but like any other exercise, it’s a good way for me to get back into shape.

The next topic is the most difficult for us to consider: orgasms for Mrs. Lion. We’ve established that she doesn’t want them. Sex for herself doesn’t interest her. We also learned that she likes orgasms but doesn’t particularly want them. They feel good, she’s said. Maybe we should also initiate lioness orgasms as well. Maybe regular orgasms will prove to be good for her. How often? Dunno. Maybe start with one every week and see how that works.

We’ve learned that we can’t let things slip. I need regular spankings. It helps both of us when I get them. Spontaneous sex, for me, isn’t working out very well. We need to return to scheduled lion milking. Similarly, maybe the lioness needs attention, too, for therapeutic reasons.  What do you think, Mrs.Lion?

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