I just realized this morning that neither of us did a post yesterday. And Lion hasn’t done one, so far, today. He had some appointments yesterday and that distracted me. Sometimes I do write while I wait with him, but I didn’t really have much downtime. Surprisingly enough, we didn’t have to wait long.

Lion had an orgasm on Thursday night. It was a “boring” hand job. He didn’t say that. There was no fanfare. I wasn’t even sure I was going to give him one. He said it was on the outer edge of when he could be aroused. He also said maybe he should have more orgasms in general. Both of these things were said in posts. I just decided to bond them together into one night. He didn’t produce any semen and I’m not sure it was a fulfilling orgasm for him. He’s been having some strange ones lately. It may have something to do with not being stimulated enough. I’m working on that.

In a few posts, he mentioned the need for a spanking. I asked him on Thursday if he’d left the shower door open on purpose, so he’d get spanked. He did not. Oops. I didn’t want to spank him then because that would have thrown off the timing of giving him sexual attention. As I was jerking him off, I did think about spanking him afterward. I’ve never done it like that before. Usually, he gets his spanking and then he gets attention. Why not change it up a bit? True to form, I forgot to do it. I was giving him time to bask in the light of his less-than-wonderful orgasm. We were watching TV. And then the night was over.

Fear not. I decided we’d have more time Friday. Ha! It didn’t happen. Today. Today, he will get spanked. I say that now as I sit here mentally making notes of things to be done. No, he’s not a chore. However, I do need to pencil him in between chores. We’re also setting up the new garden-in-a-box so we can get tomatoes and lettuce and other assorted veggies started. I also have to wax a Lion. That is a chore. I’m not fond of that task. I do, however, enjoy the cleanup.

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  1. Cleaning the house somehow contributes to putting things in order in thoughts.

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