Paws Off

I think the general consensus is that Lion should not be allowed to masturbate while I’m gone. I only suggested it because he needs more stimulation than I’ve been giving him, and he won’t get any when I’m not here. Neither of us is sure it would work anyway. He’s been conditioned against masturbating for the past nine years. The best idea is for him to keep his paws off. Of course, he can still touch himself. He’s just not allowed to go much further than that.

I know Lion doesn’t want me to go on my trip. I can’t blame him. I wish I didn’t have to go too. I’m much happier staying home. I hate flying. I’m not afraid of it. I’m annoyed by it. It costs too much. Getting to the airport two hours early is a pain. Being trapped in a big metal tube for hours on end sucks. Don’t get me wrong. Seeing my daughter graduate from college is a big deal. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I just wish it was closer to home.

Lion wasn’t in the mood for play last night. He said he didn’t think he’d get anywhere. I don’t know if he’s past the point of wanting attention or if he doesn’t think it’s worth the effort. Maybe he thought he was a chore. I’ll give it another try tonight. Failing that, he’ll get more attention when I get back. It may take quite a bit of effort, but I’ll give him an orgasm to start the timer again. Then I’ll make sure to tease him at least every other night to keep him interested. I don’t want to fail him again. [Lion — You never fail me!]

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write posts while I’m away. I usually manage to get something in even if it’s late, but I assume I’ll miss at least one day.