Locked And Loaded

Guess what? I’m interested in sex again. I’ve put Mrs. Lion off for the last few days. I just couldn’t get into the mood. Now, my natural horniness is returning. I ran across an interesting post this morning, “Blow Job Tips.” A woman shared her techniques for oral sex. I’m not suggesting that Mrs. Lion needs to improve her technique. It was just interesting to me as a male, to learn some of the techniques women use. Just thought I would pass it on.

I’ve been wearing my locking cock ring the same way I wore my male chastity device. It’s gone from an on-again-off-again toy to something that is on almost all the time. It only comes off when Mrs. Lion wants fuller access. I know she is having me wear it because I asked, but it’s exciting anyway. There’s something about 24/7 symbols of ownership that turn me on. Locking genital jewelry is easier for me to wear than a collar. It absolutely serves the same purpose.

A male chastity device has two basic functions. It prevents unauthorized masturbation and erections. It also marks the male as belonging to the keyholder. The locking cock ring permits erection and masturbation. However, it clearly marks the male as owned. A collar can be considered a fashion item and might even attract female attention. A standard cock ring might also be considered sexually attractive. However, one that is securely locked in place unmistakably signals hands-off.

If a woman happened to see a new male friend’s penis locked in a ring like mine, she would have to ask what it was. It wouldn’t take long to learn that the male can’t remove it. The obvious next question is, “Who can?” There you go. Ownership. I’m not going to be in that position. But I like the idea that even if I wanted to try, it wouldn’t work.

Mrs. Lion is always free to trade the ring for a male chastity device if she thinks it would be helpful. What I wear down there and when it comes off is totally up to her. For now, she is happy letting me get hard when I want. She knows I won’t jerk off. At some point, she may decide that she wants more control and doesn’t want unauthorized erections. All she has to do is trade the cock ring for a male chastity device. It’s that simple (for her!). I don’t get a vote.

I’m not sure that she thinks about it this way. She may not consider marking her territory particularly important. I hope she does. Regardless, it’s how I think about it.