No Spanking Tonight

lioness licks lion

Last night I didn’t bring out the restraints, but we snuggled. When I got up to unlock him, Lion said he’d be happy to wait a night. I still don’t know if that means he’s not interested or if he thinks I’m feeling achy or tired or pressured. I know it was just snuggling. In his post this morning (“Mrs. Lion’s To-Do List“) he wrote that we haven’t been close for a long time. I know he doesn’t mean snuggling. He means kissing and touching throughout the day. I think one of the problems is that he isn’t as mobile as he once was. We also used to go out more often. Of course, the pandemic changed that. My point is we used to have more opportunities to touch.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is that I move over to snuggle with him. He doesn’t move over to snuggle with me. I know, there’s a gap between the beds that makes it more difficult for him. But he doesn’t even roll toward me. Maybe he could meet me halfway? I know he doesn’t like to initiate, but if I’ve started the ball rolling, he could keep it rolling. It can’t all be me trying to get him excited and him just lying there.

The other day I was thinking about spanking him on punishment day. The whole idea of punishment day was to remind me to punish him for anything he’d done wrong that I hadn’t gotten around to punishing him for up to that point. Now it’s pretty much just a way of catching him breaking a rule. He never does. He cheats by having his computer remind him to tell me. Anyway, I figured it’s been a while since his last spanking. Why not do it on punishment day? And then it was Monday and I still had many things to do so I didn’t know if I’d have time or energy to spank him. There’s nothing saying I can’t do it tonight, but I’ve been trying to give him some sexual attention. I’ve done punishment and sex on the same day before, but there has to be a decent span of time between the two. If I spank him early enough, I can do both. The problem is that I have to find a time to make up work hours I just missed taking him to the dentist. Tonight would not be a good night to spank him.

He’ll just have to settle for a different kind of attention.