Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

I have been trying to figure out a way to get Lion more involved with sex. That sounds stupid. How can there be any sex without his involvement? Obviously, he has to be here, and he has to get hard in order for anything to happen. I’m talking about his helping things along. I know he doesn’t (or as he says, “can’t”) initiate sex. If I’m willing to get the ball rolling, couldn’t he help it gain some momentum? For example, I knew he was horny yesterday. When I moved over to snuggle, I asked if he was still a horny boy. He said he didn’t know. Way to throw up a roadblock, Lion. [Lion — I wasn’t but didn’t want to be discouraging.]

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that if Lion wanted more touching and kissing, he could roll over and meet me halfway. When I got no encouragement for snuggling and caressing him, I gave up. Since he couldn’t tell me if he was horny or not and didn’t give me any sign that what I was doing would lead to anything further, why would I continue? A while later, he said he guessed I wasn’t going to do anything. I started but stopped. He said rubbing his chest never got him excited so why would I think it would have done it then? I tried to explain about feedback and his rolling over for kisses, but he said rolling over is difficult for him.

Worse yet, I struggled my way to sit up in bed next to him and couldn’t get him aroused. It was late so I assumed that was the reason. I’d blown my chances. He said it might have been the way dinner was sitting with him. We’re just a mess lately. I’m blaming myself. He’s blaming himself. Sometimes the dog is hyper. It’s ridiculous. We’ve got to figure this out.

Tonight, I’ll try again to arouse the sleeping weenie. Tomorrow night, I’ll spank him on punishment dayjust because”. We’ll just keep plugging away until something works.