Someone Is Always Underserved

Monday night was sex and cuddle-free. The clothespins never materialized, and I have no idea what happened. We both had a lot of trouble sleeping. I managed less than three hours of sleep. Mrs. Lion did a little better. I’m sure that’s going to make tonight more difficult. I’ve been in writing mode. That tends to depress my libido. My Tuesday morning was occupied filing for my Trusted Traveller membership renewal. It’s the TSA Precheck on steroids. Even though it was just a renewal, completing the online form took over an hour.

I haven’t been thinking much about sex. Every time I walk out of the bedroom, I have to think about spanking. Mrs. Lion’s implements are in a shoe holder hanging on the back of our bedroom door. While I might be reminded, I have absolutely no interest in riding the spanking bench again. No wonder I didn’t write a post yesterday.

Am I putting you to sleep? I’m putting myself out. Every so often, I think about past adventures, not so much to reminisce but to offer myself critical feedback. This is generally useless since I won’t be doing them again. Still, it is interesting to look back this way. For example, when I was in a triad with two women (they were a lesbian couple before inviting me in), our “group sex” was always me having sex with one of them. The next night it would be me with the other woman.

It didn’t take us long to alternate weekends as couples. It never occurred to us that we should make sure that all three of us had orgasms each time. Duh! It may be that because the women considered me a novelty, they never thought that the two of us who fucked should satisfy the woman who was left out. Simply by assuring everyone had fun every time, we would’ve had a reason not to break off into couples.

I have no idea why this particular thought occupied my attention. If that triad lasted more than the year and a half it did, I might not have met Mrs. Lion. That would have been terrible. She is the love of my life. I’m sure I’ve made lots of mistakes with her. I’m glad that none of them are serious enough to break us up.

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  1. And yet the thought of group sex inspires you. However, like many others.

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