Empty Bucket List

I have been in a reflective mood. Maybe holidays bring it on, or perhaps it’s just time catching up to me. It’s pretty obvious that I’m not a typical male, or anything else. Yes, I’m heterosexual without any weird pronouns to affix to my name. I’m also comfortable with people who have other ideas about sex and sexuality. After all, who am I to throw stones? Truth is, I’m busy enough being me to have any spare time to concern myself with how I think others should be.

Fate has been good to me. The Universe has granted almost all my wishes, even the truly stupid ones. I have few regrets. Most of mine are about things I like not lasting long enough. For example, my triad with a lesbian couple. It lasted a little less than two years. At first, it was about sex. I had the first penis they ever experienced. Well, you know what made it hot for me. After a while, we all grew used to the sexual part. We settled into a comfortable routine. It ended when one of the women asked the other if she would honor an agreement they made before meeting me for the first time. They agreed that if one of them wanted to end the triad, the other would go along. It was a stupid thing to ask, but she did. The answer she got was, “No. I love him.” That set off a nuclear bomb that destroyed our triad. I had read that relationships like this usually fail due to jealousy. Mine did.

I can’t feel too badly about that ending. Look what I have now! Before Mrs. Lion, I was heavily into being a top/dominant. I had an excellent reputation in the BDSM (real life!) community. I had wondered about being a full-time master. There was something appealing about having a beautiful woman at my beck and call. The Universe heard me. A friend in the community called and said that there was a lifestyle, service slave who was in a bad situation and needed a master. Did I rub a magic lamp, or what?

I said that I was interested. I met her at a party. She was a former model and very sweet and pretty. I agreed to take her. Obviously, she agreed to be taken, but she hated thinking that way. She preferred the idea that I acquired her. We were together for almost ten years. There was more than pure BDSM to the relationship. There had to be. Unfortunately, we eventually broke up. I realized that I didn’t want a slave. I wanted a partner. She wanted to live in her fantasy. She left with my blessing.

At about the same time my slave left, I asked the Universe for a comfortable, loving relationship. I was willing to forgo BDSM for love and peace. The Universe answered. I found a personal ad from Mrs. Lion on a dating site. I was instantly drawn to her picture. It was a closeup of her smiling face. At the time, I wanted sex without complications. I wasn’t looking for someone to marry. But, I also craved the simple warmth of peaceful love.

Against all odds, we liked one another. There weren’t sparks and violin music when we met. We fucked and sucked and had orgasmic fun. The Universe came through! I was comfortable and satisfied being with her. At some point, we realized that we wanted to be together all the time. Mrs. Lion moved in. Shortly after that, we admitted that we were in love. I’m very sure that we were in love long before we admitted it.

I asked Mrs. Lion to marry me a year or two later. It wasn’t a driving need for either of us. I just realized that life would be simpler if she had the legal rights a wife gets in the event I got ill or died. I also wanted to make it harder for her to run away. That was over fifteen years ago. The Universe is very wise. It knew I needed BDSM. Somewhere along the way, I asked Mrs. Lion to do things to me. I decided I didn’t want to top. She was willing and did all sorts of nasty things to me because I asked.

Over seven years ago I suggested male chastity. She figured it was just one more thing I wanted to try and I would quickly get bored with it. To her surprise, I didn’t. In fact, we expanded activities to include domestic discipline and a female-led relationship — our version of one. It works for us. This time, it’s permanent.

All of these experiences, and many others, started as wishes on my part. One way or another, they got granted. I can’t explain it. All I can do is be grateful for the amazing adventures, especially the last one that brought the love of my life to me. Yup, the Universe has been good to me.


  1. And today, watching Rams vs Seahawks. Who do y’all like, besides the Seahawks? I like the Cardinals and Browns because of the OU connection with the QBs.

    1. Author

      We are originally from New York and dyed-in-the-wool Giants fans. We root for the Seahawks less enthusiastically.

      1. Sorry, I would have known that if I had read your earlier posts (as I have by now) before asking.

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