She Meant Business


I have been working hard on my writing and hadn’t planned on posting today. Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday (“Twofer” ) got me thinking. As she wrote,

“He was yelping away. I hit pretty hard for a while. Lots of hard swats in a row. Lots of hard swats right in the middle along his crack. I also did a series of slow, hard swats. I wasn’t going for bruising. It’s too hard to bruise his tough hide. I just wanted to make a memorable impression on him. He should remember to follow his rules. Whack! How could he break so many rules in two days? Whack! I think I made my point. He was pretty miserable when I got done.”

She’s right. I was miserable. Mrs. Lion made her point. When she finished, I just wanted to get off that spanking bench and get under the covers. I wanted to run away while she was spanking me. She didn’t say a word. She only paused to change paddles. I wasn’t curious about which one she was using. I just wanted it to end.

It didn’t hurt to sit down the next morning. I was sure it would after that spanking. It’s true that I’m not easy to bruise. Our narrow paddle is the only one that reliably marks me. A few very hard swats with that will hurt for days. I got the feeling that Mrs. Lion didn’t care about that. She wanted me to feel her annoyance with my thoughtlessness. Message received!

That’s the point of adult spanking. It isn’t about sex (duh!) or mild disapproval. It’s about punishment. It is a long, very painful experience. I’ve learned that time is just as important as intensity. It needs to go on and on. I thought about what brought me to the spanking bench the entire time that Mrs. Lion was beating me.

I resolved to avoid repeating this experience. I also know that I can’t avoid spankings. All I can do is try to keep them as far apart as possible.