Uncaged, Oops, Un-Ringed

I am still a wild lion since my orgasm three days ago. My locking cock ring remains on my nightstand. I’m not sure why. Mrs. Lion said she hasn’t forgotten to lock me up but can’t remember why I’m still wild. I’m sure that the ring will go on very soon.

You may wonder why I think of a locking cock ring the same way I thought about a male chastity device. From my perspective, they are the same. The male chastity device prevented erections and made it nearly impossible for me to masturbate. Mrs. Lion doesn’t mind if I get hard. I’m forbidden to masturbate. I don’t masturbate. Wearing a chastity device 24/7 for over three years trained me not to jerk off.

I haven’t wanked myself since December 2013. There isn’t much risk I’m going to do it now. That’s why the locking cock ring is equivalent to my chastity device. The ring is heavy, and it keeps my balls front and center. I can’t forget that I’m wearing it. That’s the whole point of male chastity for me. I’m wearing a device that I can’t remove. Anyone who can see my genitals will see the device. Mrs. Lion has the only key.

After all these years, I realize that male chastity is less about masturbation prevention than possession and ownership of my penis. I surrendered all sexual use of it when I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. Since then, she and she alone provides my orgasms. The device locked around my cock and balls is like my wedding ring. It is the mark of ownership.

Even though I can be teased and made to come while wearing it, Mrs. Lion removes it for sexual activity as she did with my male chastity device. When it is on, there is no chance of orgasm. When she takes it off, I will be teased and possibly be made to come.

I wouldn’t mind if Mrs. Lion put me in a full cage. The only changes for me would be the loss of the ability to get hard and chances of pee not going where I expect it to land. The pee situation is far more troublesome to me. I’m OK losing erections. So far, she seems content to lock me in the ring. I have no doubt that will change. She likes to try different things.


After I wrote this post (Tuesday), Mrs. Lion locked me up again. Just thought you might want to know.

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