Before I could spank Lion last night, he’d earned himself another punishment. This time I wasn’t so nice about the coffee pot. I gave him a pass the day before, but not yesterday. He says he was working on his book and then he got tired so he took a nap. So? I did a bunch of stuff yesterday, took a nap and still had to make dinner and clean up from dinner. And I still managed to spank a misbehaving Lion. Nope. He got no sympathy from me. Actually, when I told him he was in more trouble, he said he guessed he didn’t need to set up the coffee pot if he was already in trouble. If I’d been in a more evil mood, I may have told him he had to do it anyway, but I told him that was fair. He set it up anyway. Maybe he didn’t want to press his luck any further.

I didn’t really feel like spanking him. While I was in the shower, I talked myself into and out of delaying it a few times. In the end, I figured it would be better to do it. For one thing, it was closer to the time of the infractions. For another, I would get it over with. There’s no need for me to remember to do it tomorrow if I’ve already done it today. You know how bad I am at remembering things.

I set up the spanking bench, but I didn’t put the straps on it. He was going to have to keep himself still. He can do it. He’s a big boy. I set the timer to fifteen minutes and started whomping. He yelped from the beginning even though I wasn’t hitting very hard. That tender butt must have forgotten what swats felt like in a few short days. I didn’t really care if I went the full fifteen minutes or not. I was determined to make him feel the consequences of those two broken rules. Three, if you count the one I let slide. I used a variety of wood, leather, and rubber paddles, although I hit so many times with one of the wooden ones, I drew blood fairly early on. It was just one spot and I wiped it away with a tissue so it wouldn’t spatter so much.

He was yelping away. I hit pretty hard for a while. Lots of hard swats in a row. Lots of hard swats right in the middle along his crack. I also did a series of slow, hard swats. I wasn’t going for bruising. It’s too hard to bruise his tough hide. I just wanted to make a memorable impression on him. He should remember to follow his rules. Whack! How could he break so many rules in two days? Whack! I think I made my point. He was pretty miserable when I got done.


  1. I think justice delayed is justice denied, so in my opinion (not that it matters) you managed it with aplomb. Which paddle does Mr Lion “like” the least? Also, I know you are a busy couple, but I have written comments several times, asking a question or two, but have received no responses. Is it your policy not to? We are a FL family (just the two of us) and I’m sure my wife would like to drop the occasional note or question to a kindred spirit. And for that matter, I would like to ask Lion a question or two, if he is permitted to answer personal correspondence. You have my email address, if you wish to answer. Thank you.

    1. We generally answer comments, if a response makes sense. We have a Contact Us page for private communication. We don’t answer all of them either. Like most bloggers, fitting writing posts into our schedules is hard enough. I will occasionally answer “contact us” questions in a post.

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