Within a few minutes of starting work, I was just as stressed out as I was last week. It didn’t help that the dog got something, and I had to chase her around to get it back. She’s been an idiot lately, and it’s taking its toll on me. It’s horrible to start the day with low-level pain and high-level stress. I also slept weird last night, and my neck hurts. It’s definitely Monday.

The good news is that Lion remembered the shower door and the coffee pot for a few days. Did I just jinx him? Will I be dragging out the spanking bench tonight? If he breaks a rule, I’ll have to. I already let him off the hook once. I can’t do it again, at least not so soon. His buns are already in need of a spanking. It’s been a while.

Yesterday, I turned the wax on. Lion took a long nap. Somewhere along the way, I had to wrestle the dog again. By the time the wax was all melty smooth, my arm was killing me—stupid dog. I think she has a screw loose. I told Lion I couldn’t do the waxing, and he said, “Poor Lion. No fun for him.” It didn’t mean no fun. It meant no oiled-up fun, but I fully intended to play with him. Unfortunately, later when I tried, he wasn’t interested. I always want to joke that I still get credit for trying. The truth is, I should have tried earlier. I bet he would have been interested if I’d tried closer to his shower rather than wait until a while after dinner. My timing sucks.

We will play tonight. I’m not sure what I’ll do to him, but he’ll definitely get attention. I tied him up last time. By rights, I should use IcyHot or menthol. He’s deterred me the past few times I’ve tried to use it. I’m just too nice, so I let him get away with it. At the very least, I should use clothespins on those sexy balls of his. Maybe some plastic ones. Not the mean, little ones. Just a few of the big evil ones. They’re bad, but the pain is spread over a larger area than the nasty little ones. Yup. Tonight feels like a clothespin night.

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