Punching Out

I forgot all about spanking Lion last night. We decided on take out dinner. I went to get it. We ate and I forgot to drag out the spanking bench. So much for the theory that having it in the bedroom makes it easier for me to remember. I think it sort of blends right in now. You know how you get used to seeing something and then you don’t notice it as much? I didn’t, however, forget about giving Lion some attention. The problem was that I fell asleep while playing with my weenie. He laughed at me. Lion, not my weenie. He said if I rub his balls, he falls asleep. If I rub his weenie, I fall asleep. It’s true. I guess we’re old and tired. [Lion — No, not really. When I was in my 30’s, a lover discovered that she could put me to sleep by rubbing my balls.]

When I get done writing, I’ll turn on the wax so it’s melted in a few hours. I’ll clean off the table and we’ll be all set. If I fall asleep while I’m playing with my weenie during the cleanup, I really have a problem. An oily weenie is a lot of fun to play with. It should have my full attention. I doubt that Lion’s oily weenie will have an orgasm. I need to tease Lion more. He rarely gets edged without having an orgasm the same night.

Lion has been doing his electronic Kegels and I instituted the one-orgasm-per-week rule. He’s been working on his book and that sort of takes the wind out of his sails when it comes to being horny. By the time I get my act together to play with him, it’s time for an orgasm. Plus, we want to see if the Kegels are making more progress. I’d say we should go back to what’s natural instead of forcing a certain number of orgasms, but I think what’s become natural is not doing anything. Forcing the issue actually seems like the best idea. Maybe not forcing orgasms, but forcing us to play more.

I know that sounds ridiculous. Why should we have to be forced to do anything? Of course, I don’t mean force in the sense that we don’t want to do it. I mean we need to bring it to the forefront. I don’t think it’s so much a problem of inertia as much as a problem of too many things monopolizing our thoughts and time. Stress and worry and not sleeping well are knocking us off our game. Once five o’clock hits, we need to punch out from work and our stresses and have “us” time. It’s time for a change of priorities. A chicken in every pot. Happy days are here again. Yes, we can. Et cetera.

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