Best-Before Date

I finally finished the latest edits on my book. I’ll start reviewing again today. When I am in novelist mode, it’s difficult to walk away and write a post here. As Mrs. Lion said in her post (“We Are Slacking“), she’s been busy too. Our sex life has been on hold, as well as our posts. I can’t believe it, but I left the shower door open on Wednesday night. Mrs. Lion discovered it when she went to shower, and there were muddy paw prints in the shower. Even if she didn’t notice that I left the door open, the pawprints sealed my fate.

After her shower, she smiled and told me about the door and the paw prints. It was the same sort of reaction she had when she catches me forgetting to set up the coffee pot. I asked her if I was going to get spanked. She said, “Of course.” I expected the spanking bench to come out on Thursday. It didn’t. Mrs. Lion spent part of the day at her office. That may have thrown her off. Friday night went spankless as well. Lucky me.

I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon. I suspect my luck has run out. Of course, one could argue that it’s been so long since the offense; maybe I won’t learn a lesson if I’m spanked today. Don’t spankings have a best-before date?

Maybe we can get back to our usual routines. I have been thinking about sex (hint, hint). I’ve been faithfully using the EMS machine. I believe it is helping me. It’s odd for me to consider Kegels for myself. It’s not a female-only thing. I wonder why my education didn’t include information about this subject. Every woman seems to know how important it is to keep the pelvic floor strong and toned.

I’d flex for you, but I don’t think you can see it.

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