Thirty-Day Memory Failure

I did it again. You’d think after all this time, I could remember to set up the coffee pot. I forgot on Tuesday. The last time I forgot was April 8, forty days ago. Maybe that isn’t so surprising. I’ve read several accounts by women who spank their husbands for obedience issues that men seem to “forget” something every month or two. They wrote that their husbands broke a rule every month or so.  My ability to remember to close the shower door is somewhat worse. I was spanked for that on May 14. The offense before that was on April 27, seventeen days before that.

It looks like those women knew what they were talking about. I’m surprised at my consistency. I don’t purposely fail to do those things. I forget. A spanking usually reset my memory for another month or so. I think that if Mrs. Lion didn’t punish me, I would probably forget more often. She would also find my failures a nagging annoyance, like squeezing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube.

Aside from training me, domestic discipline prevents little things from building into relationship-threatening explosions. It’s an effective safety valve for Mrs. Lion. It works because she not only punishes me for failing to obey her rules, she can create new rules if she finds a new source of annoyance.

For example, our puppy likes to go into the shower after we use it. She leaves muddy paw prints inside and tracks them around the house. I usually leave the shower door open when I’m done. I did that to let the shower dry out and prevent mildew. Mrs. Lion kept reminding me to close the door. I left it open. That was an annoyance. She made it a rule to close the door after I shower. I still forget. When I do, she punishes me. I’m learning to close it, and she releases the emotional pressure of my repeated disobedience.

This spanking hurt for a day or two afterward. No bruises, just blisters.

She has a way of letting me know that she is unhappy with my behavior and expects me to change. Instead of getting more upset when I repeat the offense, she punishes me again. I know she is annoyed that I did it again. My punishment makes that crystal clear. She knows she is dealing with my disobedience. Clean slate.

Consistent enforcement is a great teacher. Eventually, my infractions will occur further apart. One challenge for her is to spank me sufficiently to make me feel it for days after she finishes. According to the DWC, she should be able to see marks for a week after a spanking. That is very difficult with me. I don’t mark easily. I suppose this is a challenge for her. I’m sure she will rise to it.

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