Superb Owl Sunday And NFL Spankings

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It’s also Superb Owl Sunday–seriously, check the link. We haven’t discussed it, but in recent years we played the NFL game with the Super Bowl. It’s a spanking game. The way it worked in the past, I got two swats for every point scored by either side. I also got a bonus swat if the quarterback for the team we like is sacked. The swats were either administered right after the event earning them or after the game. In recent years, Mrs. Lion administered them after the game. That hurt a lot more!

The last time we played (over a year ago), Mrs. Lion commented that even in a high-scoring game, the total number of swats didn’t add up enough to make a sufficient impression on me. I admit that higher stakes make the game more fun. I had a couple of thoughts. We could change the number of swats for each point. Maybe instead of two, it could be three, four, or even five.

Maybe my last post (“Time To Get Active Again“) wasn’t clear. I didn’t write solely about sexy fun in bed. Of course, I am very fond of that. My main topic was expanding our disciplinary activities to reignite the domestic discipline side of our marriage. I suggested some new opportunities (rules) for Mrs. Lion to catch and punish me. I also suggested that she could spank me for the coffee pot and the shower door and then have me “fix” my mistake.

My thought was to more closely couple “discovery” and punishment. The reason was to help us both become more active and engaged. It seems that Mrs. Lion read this to mean doing more things in bed. I can’t argue with that. I would love much more sexual stuff. That wasn’t the point of my post. The main point was that we need to be more active in all areas, particularly domestic discipline.

I understand that my untimely nap interfered with sex on Friday night. That was all my fault. What bothers me is that Mrs. Lion never said a word about my rule suggestion or my request for more timely disciplinary activity. She told me that she liked my post. She didn’t say a word about actually doing anything I suggested. Her post yesterday was also silent on the subject. Where do we stand, Mrs. Lion?

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  1. I think that Mrs Lion should definitely be administering more discipline spanking and that she should be giving you extra for the way that you are suggesting that it is her fault.

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