More Activity? Snooze

After Lion’s post for this morning, I figured he’d be ready to go. I cleaned up from dinner and climbed into bed, where he was snoozing. Once he woke up, he asked if I was coming over. Cool. Now things will start. And he snoozed again. Eventually I went over to my own side of the bed. I don’t remember what time it was, but he was awake and we were watching TV when he said, “You didn’t feel like snuggling?” I reminded him of my trans-mattress journey. He didn’t remember. That’s okay because a little after midnight, I scooched over again, but this time I fell asleep. Score zero for more activity.

I just realized the Super Bowl is tomorrow. For some reason, I still imagined it was a week away. It’s not a big deal. We usually record it and watch it on our own time. Or we pause it to make snacks. We don’t like the halftime show, but we don’t want to miss the commercials. Oh, and the game. We like the game too. It just means everything I need to do this weekend has to be done before too late in the day tomorrow. It’s already 11:30 so I need to get my butt moving.

Of course, I need to save some energy for another attempt at sexy fun time. Am I within my rights to swat him if he snoozes again? I might be. Speaking of spanking, he dropped something in the bathroom and when I went to help, the dog went nuts. She was running and jumping, and I was trying to look under the bathroom cabinet when Lion said, “Just help me.” It was a little more forceful than a request. Did he think I wasn’t helping? Don’t I usually help? What the heck? I didn’t appreciate the raised voice. Perhaps he needs to be more aware of his tone. I’m willing to fire a warning shot this time, but next time might be more of a direct hit.

How’s that for more activity?