Maybe She Needs Lion Riding Lessons. Who Can We Call?

There’s no need for me to masturbate. If Mrs. Lion wants to save energy, she can always use her Magic Wand.

Cold and snow blanket us here in the Pacific Northwest. National weather forecasts acknowledge we exist. They do in the context of our weather will be moving east. Oh well. The weather indoors was decidedly hotter than usual. Mrs. Lion treated me to a warm blanket of clothespins painfully attached to my balls. She pulled them off one by one, taking breaks to masturbate me to keep me nice and hard.

When the clothespins were all gone, she treated me to some delightful oral sex. Then she asked me if I wanted my birthday fuck. Naturally, I agreed. It was easier said than done. Our bodies weren’t in proper alignment, and we decided to try again another day. After all, what’s a day or two when it’s been 1,412 days since the last time I came inside my lioness. I’m very grateful for this increase in sexual activity. It makes me feel much closer to Mrs. Lion.

There isn’t much new on the male chastity device market. I’m not counting the dozens of derivative devices out of China. Maybe the flood of cheap, not-too-uncomfortable Chinese male chastity devices has killed the custom device market. Or, it could be that there are just so many ways to lock up a penis before anything “new” is almost the same as existing products.

It also might be that the male chastity market is saturated. It’s easy for anyone interested to google his way through endless information on the subject. Let’s face it, male chastity is a fairly esoteric kink. Only so many men want their penises locked up. Another reason the male chastity hardware business may have peaked is because those of us who have practiced it for years often no longer need hardware. The combination of consistent control by our partners and long-term wear of a chastity device will train any desire for independent release out of the best of us.

I, for example, haven’t masturbated in over eight years. I don’t think about it anymore. Mrs. Lion is my only source of release. A male chastity device is no longer necessary. It took a while for me to get to this point. I was locked in a device 24/7 for over three years. I was only unlocked for sexual attention by my lioness or occasional cleaning. This consistent application of enforced orgasm control has conditioned me very effectively.

Once in a while, Mrs. Lion will mention that she was considering letting me jerk off under her watchful eye. She always rejects that idea. It makes no sense and is potentially going to retrain me to do something she spent years training me not to do. It’s not like she enjoys watching me masturbate. She can always use her Magic Wand if she wants to save energy.