I’m Heading For A Waxing

This year we cooked it.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Mrs. Lion and I shared a roasted turkey breast, white and sweet potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. She likes white potatoes; I like sweets. We were both stuffed after eating. We both snoozed a bit after dinner. I was way too full to think of sex or the pies we baked for dessert. Our house came with a convection oven. It makes a difference. The turkey cooked much faster than we expected. A few years ago, Mrs. Lion enrolled me in a barbecue and smoking class. Part of it was meat preparation. I learned to inject the turkey with chicken stock before cooking. It makes the meat much more tender.

I’m writing this on Friday. Mrs. Lion told me that at least part of me would be waxed today. She plans to take everything below my neck except my arms. We’ve done this before. Most of my body hair hasn’t come back. Even though my chest hasn’t been waxed in over two months, there is little hair except around my nipples. Even that is light. I feel fine about losing the hair. I think I look better this way. Mrs. Lion doesn’t have strong feelings on the subject except for pubic hair. She likes me bald there. It makes oral sex more pleasant for her. No one else has seen my hairless body in person. All of our readers have seen pictures of my smooth body. We haven’t gotten much feedback.

I ran another little Twitter survey. This time I posted a picture of my balls covered with wooden clothespins. I asked women for their reactions. Results were fairly even (see results on the right). The same number of women found it either arousing, amusing, or awful. Nine percent wanted to try it on a man. I didn’t have any idea how women would respond. It surprised me that 27 percent found the image arousing. I think that Mrs. Lion is probably in the group that is amused seeing me enduring all those pinches. I’m always surprised by the results.

Tonight is leftover dinner. We are both looking forward to it. Mrs. Lion and I aren’t bothered by repeating the same meal the next day. We do it quite often. Yum!