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Sex is sometimes difficult for me. It’s a combination of my biological issues and Mrs. Lion’s lack of sexual interest. She tries to give me a good time. Most of the time, she succeeds. I don’t think she realizes that I can tell when her heart isn’t in it. Why should it be? Sex is transactional. It isn’t simple “I’ll do this for you if you do that for me.” It’s a complex dance that involves emotional and physical affection, with the cherry on top being the orgasm.

Very often, the arousal preceding orgasm is the most gratifying part of sex. When both partners are aroused, the excitement builds into a crescendo of orgasmic sex. In a male chastity game, the arousal is usually separated by time. The building excitement for the man is the denial-with-teasing. It’s a fun kind of frustration that prolongs arousal over days, weeks, even months. His partner gets sexual attention when she desires. His frustration pleasantly increases when he brings her to orgasm after orgasm while he is helpless to ejaculate.

For people who enjoy it, like me, this is very hot. Our challenge is that I’m the only one who wants sexual activity. Mrs. Lion isn’t interested. She works hard to provide me with sex. I appreciate her efforts. There is a problem with this. Sex for me occurs after we get into bed. At some point after her shower, she will snuggle and tease me. That’s not the problem. This is episodic. It is a single event that happens every few days. There is nothing in between.

If both of us wanted sex, there would be sexual touching, kissing, and even fucking at odd times. Sex would be integrated into our lives. Now, it is an event, a chore, that Mrs. Lion performs when she thinks I want sex. She makes me wait for an orgasm, and most of the sex sessions end in me being aroused and unsatisfied. That little window between 9 and 9:15 is when I’m aroused.

I can’t complain. It’s fun, and I look forward to it. But it isn’t sex in the fuller sense of the word. Sex is a way of showing love. I don’t think it is a service delivered after dinner, and the chores are done. If Mrs. Lion enjoyed arousal, there would be many times when we are together when we would turn one another on. It’s a fun way to show affection.

We rarely kiss or hug. Mrs. Lion only touches my penis during those sessions. It isn’t that we don’t love one another. We do. We love each other more than anything in the world.  Affection and arousal have faded away. I miss the kissing and touching. One reason it’s hard for me to reliably get aroused during my sex sessions is the isolation I feel. I’m naked almost always, yet Mrs. Lion never touches my cock unless it is a sex session.

It makes me feel that sex is a chore for her. She used to love getting me hard. We used to kiss all the time sexually. Sex was something we shared. We loved it. It was an important way that we connected. It’s true that I can’t get hard in an instant. But I can respond to attention. I’m sad that I can’t make Mrs. Lion wet at odd times during the day. I’m sadder that even though she provides me with sexual service, it feels more like a service than a joy.

I still respond and will eventually ejaculate. I no longer anticipate those moments. I’m happy that she cares enough, and I would get grumpy if she ignored me. It just isn’t the same. In a way, it’s a little like getting socks for your birthday. You need them, and they feel great to wear, but they aren’t exciting. I think that’s why it’s hard for me to get very aroused and reach the edge. Teasing is much more fun if it is stretched out over hours instead of a few minutes.

This might be too much to ask. I always had trouble initiating sex. Now that I’m in a situation where initiation is out of place, I have to rely on Mrs. Lion to initiate stimulating me. She has always had trouble with this. It’s a perfect storm. I have no idea how to fix this. I think we need to work this out.

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  1. Your devotion to each other is apparent. I identify with the mundane struggles to engage in sexy, special times. I also identify with the more existential challenges. I remember the frustration of being attracted to and loving a man, but not wanting the kind of sex that we would have. It wasn’t the same, but similar enough that reading about ya’ll is compelling.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment. We are lucky that our differences don’t push us apart.

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