Borderline Absurd

Lion’s birthday was thirteen days ago. I ordered him a few things. One got here on time. I ordered the other late so I knew it wouldn’t be here on time. I did not foresee it getting stalled out in Oregon. The package didn’t move for days. Fedex stills shows it sitting in Oregon. The company sent another shipment. It was supposed to be shipped out Monday to get here Wednesday. It actually shipped Tuesday to get here Thursday. As of yesterday, it was still in Oregon. I imagined both boxes sitting somewhere together, silently mocking me. If it didn’t make it by today, I’d get a refund. It wouldn’t make sense to get another shipment. All three would be stuck in Oregon.

Luckily, it was delivered a few minutes ago. I was worried it didn’t survive. It was frozen and the delay might have allowed it to thaw. I was very pleasantly surprised that it was still solidly frozen. Lion has four Uno’s deep dish pizzas to enjoy. He loves deep dish pizza. I wish I’d ordered it earlier so he could have had it on his birthday. It wouldn’t have been a birthday cake, but birthday pizza might have sufficed.

I’ve had a stuffy nose for days. I can’t decide if it’s just a sinus issue or if it’s a cold starting. It’s been so long since I’ve had a cold, is it possible I’ve forgotten how it feels? Of course, it’s in the back of my mind that it could be COVID. I really doubt it is, but who knows. How many people who’ve gotten COVID thought they had COVID at first? We’ve been triple vaccinated. Odds are, it’s just sinusitis. It’s annoying nonetheless.

I’ve also been tired lately. Neither of those things is conducive to sexual activity. When I moved over to snuggle with Lion, I fell asleep playing with my weenie. That can’t feel good for him. I mean, obviously it felt good to a point while I was playing with him. But when I fell asleep he must have felt boring. He’s not. I’m the boring one. I excite him less and less as his wait goes on. Although, I did manage to get him excited while I was cleaning him up after waxing him.

This weekend I’m going to figure out how to excite him no matter what stage of his wait he’s in. I have no idea how to do it but there must be a way.