Catch a Lion By His Tail

I have to admit I’m proud of myself. Yesterday while we were waiting for the doctor, I saw someone I used to work with. We were chatting about Willow, and I turned to ask Lion how old she was. He was busy on his phone, and he snapped at me that he was in the middle of something. He’s always in the middle of something while we wait, and then he has to stop because we get called for his appointment. That’s no reason to snap at me. I see a sore Lion butt in his future. This is one of the first times I’ve enforced the “don’t annoy Mrs. Lion” rule. Go me!

I don’t promise this trend will continue, but I feel the need to celebrate each baby step as it happens. Another thing I’ve been thinking about “catching” him for is ignoring me. You see, Lion has this thing about talking to me and all but demanding I respond that I’ve heard him, but he does not extend the same courtesy to me. Just yesterday, he left me hanging. It wasn’t important, or I would have jumped on it. However, under the heading of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, he should have to acknowledge my statement/question. Fair is fair.

The annoyance that I was trying to put into words may not be as hard to describe as I thought. When we watch quiz shows, Lion often comments that a person is stupid for not knowing something. Quite often, I didn’t know the answer either. Does that make me stupid? By his statement, it does. However, he insists that he wouldn’t be with a dumb person. In any case, people with different skillsets/knowledge are not necessarily stupid. I mean, some of them can’t answer even the simplest questions, but I have to believe the nerves of being on television get to them. I know I’d be a deer caught in headlights if I was on television. On the other hand, is Lion stupid when he doesn’t know an answer that the contestant knows? Again, fair is fair.

Lion may be sorry. He wanted me to punish him for things that annoy me. Apparently, I’ve been letting a lot of things go. He may never be able to sit down comfortably again.